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Weakness essay is not just a sincerity test; it also checks whether you are pro-active or reactive to failures. A reactive applicant’s tone would be too defensive while a pro-active applicant accepts the weakness and works on it head-on without any excuses. Admission team wants to know how you would improve your skills once a weakness is brought to your notice. Do you take help from colleagues or supervisor? Are you more of a self-learner or do you ignore the feedback? Applicants who are not bound by false pride, and openly ask for help find favor in the MBA Admission process. After all, learning in an MBA class happens mostly through each other. There is no point in stating weakness for which you have hardly taken any concrete steps. (Page 19 - F1GMAT's Winning MBA Essay Guide)

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Personal Strength And Weakness Essay

Personal Strength And Weakness Essay This essay Personal Strengths And Weaknesses is available ..