Typed Narrative Essay Rubric - Reading Worksheets

Carefully read the assigned pages in the READINGS IN EUROPEANHISTORY (Chapter VI, Nationalism, Darwinism, Imperialism), and thenwrite a two page typed essay on the following question. Note that wehave tried to phrase this assignment to resemble questions you areapt to encounter on the mid-term and final examinations

Label the recording, neatly typed essay and attach this completed entry form

Carefully read the documents assigned from READINGS IN EUROPEANHISTORY (that is Chapter II, Origins of Industrial Capitalism) andthen write a two-page, typed essay which answers the followingassignment:

Attach a typed essay to the application (minimum 500 words)

Visit the  to fill out the registration form and attach your hand-written or typed essay for submission.

Contestants must compose an original hand written or typed essay of 500-1,500 words on any life issues topic. One submission per contestant is allowed, and all contestants must be residents of Osage County. Essays may be submitted by email to or mailed to Vitae and postmarked by 5 p.m. on June 19, 2015. All winners will be awarded four box seats tickets to the July 29 Cardinal game.