The Writer 2012 Travel Essay Contest

I placed third in The Writer (Gotham Writers' Workshop) 2012 Travel Essay Contest with the story “Mon Ami Muhammed” and was a semifinalist in the 2011 DIAGRAM’s essay contest with “Free Like a Butterfly.”

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Writer Magazine Travel Essay Contest

The Writer Magazine Travel Essay Contest

The volunteer program in Jaipur, India, at the time was run by Amita and Pranay, two very dedicated, kind people who made sure we had a very comfortable experience. They got us started with the school kids and then came back for organized activities like “Children’s Day” were they brought cake and chips to the celebrate the kids. When I was there, there were six volunteers at the time stayed in the bottom flat of a two story multi-family home in the suburbs of Jaipur. A cook made our group three meals a day and in the afternoons, we hung out in the family room watching Bollywood movies and sometimes sightseeing in Jaipur and surrounding areas. Compared to what I researched with other volunteer programs in India, this one was very affordable. Amita and Pranay picked me up at a hotel I had arranged to stay in prior to my time starting and got me off to the airport when I was done. I would highly recommend this program.

Here is a story I wrote about my experiences at Shakehands for a travel essay contest.