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It is very important for anyone of us to know what technology actually means before beginning to write on any of the Technology Essay Topics. This is not just true for technology only, but for any topic or discipline on the whole.

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Hello Stella, there can be many information technology essay topics, it is always better to choose the topic in which you think that you can write the essay well. In my opinion, cloud computing is a good topic to write the essay. If you have confidence to write the essay in this topic, you can surely go ahead with it. Some other information technology essay topics can be, Cryptography and Computer Security, Computational Photography, Future of Social Media, 3-D Rendering Algorithms etc…

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Hi Stella, The information technology is a field which is constantly evolving. So many information technology essay topics can be explored. One that I suggest is Parallel Query Optimization. In this essay you can write about how databases are used to retrieve the information. You can write the essay along with some examples. Other topics can be internet securities, video streaming optimization etc... Select the topic in which you can write a perfect essay... Good luck for the essay...