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These are only some of the 2,300 interview people whose stories a very alike. Nevertheless, analyzing the majority of the interviews it is necessary to point out strange facts: the slaves were very devoted to their masters. And even after they could leave on their own after the Civil War some of them stayed until the very end to do it. These black people, who experienced slavery impress the reader of the interviews with the ability of their families to preserve love inside no matter what was going on outside. These people were brutally treated, experienced inhuman pain and still had the strength to try to learn to read or al least to listen to somebody reading. Slavery brought a lot of fear to the lives of black people: black women were forced to have sexual encounters with their masters, slaves were punished by being whipped almost to death and their brother and sisters were forced to administrate the whippings; they had to work in any temperature conditions, sometimes even freezing; they had to lose their family members - just for being black and therefore slaves. It is necessary to pay tribute to all these people who in spite of the cruelty in their lives managed to remain kind inside and some of them even tried to understand their masters. Thought the master-slave relations did have exceptions they still remained unilateral, where the only side expressing its opinion was the master’s side. Nevertheless, this has become one of the most important lessons for the human nation – there is no condition under which one person can possess supremacy over another one.

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By March, 1852, the Society had grown to nineteen members, when they held the first of their Festivals, or bazaars. In these events, held annually for over a decade, the women of the Society raised money through the sale of items made locally or contributed by other anti-slavery societies as far away as Britain, and through gate receipts for lectures by Frederick Douglass, Gerrit Smith, or other activists held in the Corinthian Hall. The first Festival was advertised in newspapers as far away as New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., and by all accounts, it was a rousing success, netting over $250. Following on the heels of this bazaar, the Society intensified their fund raising efforts, matching success with success. In 1853, Julia Griffiths edited , a collection of antislavery essays with facsimile signatures of the contributors, which sold so well that a second edition was prepared the following year. In the winter of 1854-55, the Society also sponsored its first annual lecture series, bringing in renowned speakers. Once again, the Society found a large and receptive audience for their message. Colleagues in British antislavery societies provided an important and regular source of funds through bazaars held on behalf of the Rochester Society. By the late 1850s, the annual receipts of the Society surpassed $1,500.