short essays about love and friendship

Danielle Strauss: I am currently a sophomore at Pace with a pending BFA in Musical Theater and a Minor in Women's Studies. I have always been fascinated with gender roles and human interactions, and have been observing and analyzing romantic relationships since I was a child - first my parents' and now my own. I started recording my findings in a journal at the age of five (I was an early writer), but have since developed a series of short essays about love, relationships, and intimacy. I am continually inspired by women such as Maureen Dowd (author of "Are Men Necessary?") who address topics often considered "taboo" and are constantly pushing the social envelope. I would eventually like to publish a collection of my essays, but I think a column would be the ideal way to reach girls my age who need someone- anyone, to relate to other than Carrie Bradshaw.

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Tara said: this is a book of three short essays about love and capital