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Please, do not tell that you have never written descriptive essays! A descriptive essay is one of the most frequently assigned essay types. We are sure you have at least some basic skills of writing this kind of papers.

What it means is that writing a short descriptive essay will not be that troublesome as well. You just need to know some peculiarities of preparing such essay. This is what we are going to talk about right now.

The gist of a short descriptive essay

The gist of writing short descriptive essays is the same as writing standard descriptive essays. You have to describe something so that to create a visual image of what you are talking about for the reader.

Length of short descriptive essays

Short is not a precise answer to the question “How long should my short descriptive essay be?” All teachers have their own vision of a short essay. You can be asked to write a 250-300 word essay or this word limit can be extended. Anyway, this particular requirement for writing short descriptive essays is better to discuss with your teacher.

Some secrets of writing effective short descriptive essays

Since you have to mind a word limit when writing your short descriptive essay, every word you want to include should be weighed. Only the most important details related to your topic should be included.

That is why plan the whole writing process before you get down to work on the short descriptive essay. Make sure this plan will help you create a brief but catchy and informative essay.

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