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In most cases, it is recommendable that short argumentative essays ought to have five paragraphs. That is the introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph. The three body paragraphs carry the heavy weight of the essay. This means that the body paragraphs should be very detailed in such a way that they explain the argument of the writer in a very clear manner. Each of three paragraphs in the body part should discuss one general idea in a detailed manner. Each of the paragraphs should start with a topic sentence that needs to be supported by all other sentences in the specific paragraph. Moreover, each of the paragraphs should connect to thesis statement where they need to provide concrete supportive statements. However, the third paragraph in the body ought to consider offering different points in relation to the issue being discussed. All the opinions presented in the three body paragraphs should be well-connected with the thesis statement. It is always important to consider providing all the necessary and appropriate evidential support when writing an argumentative essay. All the paragraphs in an argumentative essay should connect to one another through the use of effective transitions.

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WRT 105A (Fall) and WRT 105B (Spring) distribute the work of WRT 105E across two semesters, with WRT 105A covering the first half of WRT 105E. WRT 105A immerses students in the experience of academic writing, with a particular emphasis on analyzing, using, and documenting scholarly and non-scholarly texts. It provides instruction and practice in constructing cogent and compelling arguments, as students draft and revise two short argumentative essays. Students will develop and test their ideas through discussion, informal writing, peer critiques and self-assessments. All sections of WRT 105A&B revolve around a theme and include a weekly writing group in which students do the work of writing with immediate support from the course instructor. To proceed from WRT 105A to WRT 105B, students must earn a grade of “C” or higher. (Fall)

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