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The purpose of writing an essay is to communicate with the readers. Therefore, if a writer decides to show off his or her intelligence or acumen by expressing in a arcane demeanor, then the whole exercise becomes counterproductive.

What is the purpose of writing an essay


Of course, @ is right. Do it on your own. The purpose of writing an essay is not simply passing the grade requirement, but also allowing you to reflect within yourself about the topic on whatever significance it has to you.

1. I think that essay is not an I.Q. contest, hence no need for too much statistics.
2. That essay is, I think, a measure of your own patriotism.
3. A test of the level of your command of the english language or the language of your country, so be particular about grammar and spelling.
4. A measure on how you approach that issue, whether political, emotional, religious, etc. Your tendency will most likely show.

If you will copy+paste from the internet, you will be wasting your chance of helping yourself improve and learn more, plus you will be guilty of plagiarism. I think in most countries that is punishable by law. In general, if you copy more than six continuous words from a written or spoken work, and did not acknowledge the author or source, then that's already plagiarism.


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One of the main questions that a lot of students ask is “what is the purpose of writing an essay”. That is because it is sometimes hard to believe how this method helps students learn. It seems like a tedious and worthless assignment. Most students believe that papers are just busy work that the teacher gives to pass the time or to get a grade. I think that there is more to the art of essay writing than that.