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A related essay in this section on power is . How can less powerful parties make use of the array of sources of power? What sorts of power should they seek? Feminist and other liberation literatures put a particular emphasis on this question, which is reflected in the empowerment essay.

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Kim Kardashian Pens Powerful Essay On Nudity And Empowerment

Knowledge Is Power Essay The quote â??Knowledge is powerâ?

Nuclear power is believed to be the best alternative to fossil fuels because they both use the same key in producing energy, the ability to cause steam. Therefore extensive research has been put into nuclear power. The desired outcome of this research is to use nuclear power to produce efficient energy to run homes, offices and engines. To do this involves a process using uranium to produce heat, which causes steam to run its generators. The uranium is collected in bundles of rods, submerged in water to activate the uranium. The heat is cooled with water, this is where the steam comes from and the steam spins the turbines, which drives the generators. This is an effective way in producing energy and large amounts of it. However there is not yet a way of using the nuclear power process or uranium to run engines. This means further research needs to be made to find a way in replacing fossil fuels in the engines department.