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Definitely, you do not have to talk about all representatives of the movement in your essay on postmodernism. Still, it is not a reason for not knowing them. Jean-Francois Lyotard, Michel Foucault, Richard Rorty, or Jacques Derrida – find information about these people and their impact on the movement.

These are actually the essentials of writing essays on postmodernism. Without this background knowledge, you will not be able to prepare a good postmodernism essay.

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What is meant by 'Postmodernism'? ... Therefore, what exactly is postmodernism? ... (About Postmodernism, a Postmodern Essay) However, experts have not been able to accurately describe the term; while some individuals may believe that the term may describe wonderful opportunities in the world today, some others may be quite fearful of the term, because of its relative ambiguity and vagueness. ... (About Postmodernism, a Postmodern Essay) John Francois Lyotard was a prominent postmodern thinker, and his thinking and philosophy can be taken as perfect examples of postmodernism. ....

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Not surprisingly, the organization of the text exhibits certainpostmodern tendencies, for instance, the re-appropriation ofearlier statements into newer versions of the term in question: ashort introduction is followed by the postmodernism essay alludedto above as well as Jameson's other oft-reproduced 1984 essay onideological positions within the postmodernism debate. The bookthen presents seven additional chapters, three of which have notbeen published before, and ends with a 130 page conclusion that,like the introduction, allows the writer considerable revisionaryspace in which to answer his critics and reframe the issues. Inbetween, Jameson subjects an entire range of postmodern culturalproduction—architecture, film, , visualarts, economic and literary theory—to his distinct brand of "formaland historical analysis."