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Persuasive essays on drugs seem to be assigned more frequently than any other essays. Definitely, the reason is obvious.

However, do not you think that investigating the same topics is a bit boring? Let us make a small experiment.

Your tutor gave you the task to write a persuasive essay on drug. Let us guess what it will be about. You will try to persuade your reader that drugs are harmful; they ruin people’s lives and kill them. Or, probably, you will try to be more original. In that case, you will write an essay on the war on drugs that America lost.

If you have no other ideas for your persuasive essay about drugs, this article is just for you. Have you ever thought about writing a drug essay that will support the use of drugs? You have an opportunity to do it!

We suggest you writing a persuasive essay on drugs on the topic “Marijuana vs. Tobacco.” What will you have to do?

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Well, such a beginning of your persuasive essay on drug may become a very successful one and win you the highest grade for your persuasive essay on drugs writing. This is not a secret to anyone that drugs bring those ones who are addicted not only to some health and mental problems, but also to the personality destruction and to the death, as a result. It was calculated that two of five people who take drugs are doomed to the death. This is a really dreadful statistics, which has to make us start doing anything to safe those people, who can be saved yet.

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In your persuasive essay on drug you have to mention the extend information about the kinds of drugs and about the history of their descent. Speak about the drugs from the medical point of view, refer to how they can be helpful if using in medicine purposes. Insist on banning them in the every day life of the teenagers. If you mention all the information presented in this article in your persuasive essay on drugs, you will certainly get the highest grade for your academic writing.