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Both John Milton"s Paradise Lost and Seamus Heaney"s Beowulf conform to these characteristics. ... In Milton"s Paradise Lost, many of these characteristics are clearly evident. ... Paradise Lost is essentially a more in depth, eloquent version of Genesis. ... Both Heaney"s Beowulf and Milton"s Paradise Lost contain characteristics of an epic poem; Paradise Lost conforms to the criteria more completely. Both are very well written examples of an epic, but Paradise Lost fits the qualifications better. ...

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A paradise essay can have the masterpieces of literature as themes. A paradise essay on the novel Paradise Lost by John Milton is very much significant in terms of discussing and analyzing one of the greatest creations of literature. A paradise essay on this particular novel mainly discuses the theme and the characters depicted in the novel. Paradise lost essays also discuses Milton’s perceptions of the heaven and the hell. Essays on paradise lost also provide a critical analysis of the novel, and its characters. Paradise lost essay topics mainly include the critical analysis of the story, narrator’s point of view over the theme, critical analysis of the characters and their role in the novel. Paradise lost essay also describes the victory of goodness over evil.

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Sequel to ELIT 109. Designed to help students practice their written English through translation of various texts in Turkish allowing them to use different grammatical structures. The first year course will offer a means of bringing together and further developing the student's reading and comprehension skills. The main aim of the course will be to create and develop students' awareness of centrality of careful critical reading to the study of literature. The course will involve the teaching and development of critical interpretative and reading skills using a variety of short texts and will introduce the students, at a basic level, to the range of critical approaches to the study of literature that are available. Designed to familiarize students with the major works and authors of English literature from its beginnings to the Restoration. The works to be introduced may include Beowulf; Canterbury Tales; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Piers Plowman; Medieval lyrics, ballads, and plays; Morte Darthur; Utopia; 16th century sonnets, and lyrics; The Faerie Queene; Dr. Faustus; Metaphysical and Cavalier Poetry; Paradise Lost essays by Bacon; Leviathan.