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The outsiders is a unique novel not only because of its storyline but also because of the fact that the author of the book is a 15 year old girl. The author narrates the experience of one of her dear friends on the novel. This book focuses on a strong rivalry between two groups, which was mainly focused around their socioeconomic status and this is also the main focus of the book. Based on the success of the book it was later adapted for a movie and also a TV series. The book is so interesting that once you read it you will be ready to attempt the outsiders essay topics. There is a large variety of essay topics that can be chosen from and written on, when you attempt to write your essay.

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An outsiders essay could also focus on the various scholarships available for outsiders, how they can avail of them, what requirements must be fulfilled, what grades need to be maintained and so on. Such an outsiders essay could be very helpful for outsiders entering America for education purposes. Related readings: admission essay paper writing, argumentative essays on any topic and cause and effect essay paper writing assistance.

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It could also be that an outsiders essay is based on the movie, the outsiders, which portrays the life and characters of out of towners, very well. Your outsiders essay could even be a critique of the movie and its portrayals. More related readings: an essay outline tempate, compare and contrast essay paper writing and essay questions.