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In this first step, you need to relax your mind a little bit and focus on the goal for this one page essay. Calming yourself down will help you focus more clearly and write more effectively.

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A 1 page essay is one of the most frequent homework assignments that you will get from your teachers. Usually, it is not that difficult to write one page essays, because you do not need to go deep into details, research a topic, and so on. Most probably, your teacher just wants to check the way you understand a certain topic studied in class.

Still, you should not take assignments to write 1 page essays too lightly. Somehow they affect your grades. Besides, it is a really good chance to comprehend a certain topic better if you did not manage to do it in class.

Anyway, now you need some guidelines for writing one page essays, and this is what you will find below.

How long is a one page essay?

As always, everything depends on how big your writing is or what font you use to type your paper. If your one page essay is double-spaced and typed with 10 pt font, it will be about 600 words long. If you use 12 pt font, 400 words will be enough. Anyway, you should consult your teacher on how many words your paper should include.

What topics are covered in one page essays?

Actually, you might have to deal with absolutely different topics, starting from your favorite composer to some historical or current events. Most likely, it will depend on what you have studied in class.

What are some secrets of writing a successful one page essay?

You do not have too much space for expressing all your ideas. Thus, be specific and include only those points that you find the most significant.

We also advise you to pay attention to the introductory and concluding paragraphs of your 1 page essay. They should consist of 2-3 sentences, but you have to make these sentences attention-grabbing.

If you do not know what to write about, use our tips for an or .

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Print off your essay or send it electronically, whichever your teacher requires. This should take no more than the allotted time of 5 minutes. You have just crafted a one page essay!