Then and Now: A Rejoinder to my Critics – Messay Kebede | Ethiopia

To his credit, my understanding of the notion ‘foreigners’ originates from – if at all Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa has pronounced it as such in his latest interview – the theory of federalism, constitutional law and human rights laws as applied to a country or countries such as Ethiopia with multiplicities of states and ethno-nationalities to address their problems of peace and good governance. It comes as part of an effort in the search for possible solutions and building of a workable system that accommodates the rights and needs of citizens on a priority basis.

 — Pour les articles homonymes, voir Ferguson. Logo de Massey Ferguson Création 1847, 195 …

Currently, the domestic economy is mostly controlled by EFFORT, other eprdf affiliated interest groups specially opdo, the military, Al Amoudin and a growing number of ethnic Tigre economic cronies of the system. As long as this arrangement and reality remains operational, there is no reason for the Tigres to activate the military into civilian politics. All signs indicate that, the woyanes will officially control political power next september. Even if they have to live with HMD on the prime ministerial position, true power will remain in the hands of the spy and security agency including the federal police, the foreign ministry, and the woyane veterans which now include among others Abay Tsihaye, Arkebe, Debretsion, Tedros etc. My guess is if the most likely candidate Tedros Adhanom becomes the next prime minister, the civilian wing of tplf will consolidate power and that will keep the army in side its barracks for the foreseeable future. After all, there is very little difference between a civilian and military leader within woyane. They all were once armed rebel leaders with the exception of the new faces such as Tedros Adhanom.

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— Pour les articles homonymes, voir Massey et Ferguson. Logo de Massey Ferguson Création …

But his spine continued to deform, and Messay decided to come to Addis Ababa to seek medical care. He had saved 300 birr ($15). Using his savings, he got on a bus heading to the capital. He got off the bus when it stopped in Akaki outside Addis Ababa.