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There are also cases of brilliant writers who have found an echo even when lost in translation. 100 years of Solitude and Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter come to mind. These are the leading lights followed by hundreds of other works. Literary essay topics can easily be conjured out of this regime.

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Although poetry dominated English romanticism, some important novelists also made contributions. These include Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, Sir Walter Scott, and Thomas Love Peacock. Romantic novels you might be familiar with are Frankenstein (Mary Shelley), Ivanhoe (Sir Walter Scott), Nightmare Abbey (Thomas Love Peacock), and Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, both by Jane Austen. If you've been assigned to write an essay pertaining to English romanticism, I'm offering you some romantic literature essay topics and thesis ideas, found below.

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Literature Essay Topics

If you do want to bore your professor and yourself with the topic you do not consider to be an interesting one, better use the topic which is going to be your prime interest. There is no such a notion as a bad topic in literary essay writing, there exists a notion of not being able to reveal literary essay topics you are writing. That is why, do not be afraid to choose an inappropriate topic, if you try your best while literary essay writing, you are going to make a masterpiece from all the existing literary essay topics.