Jim Crow Essay/Topic Sentences - Electronic Field Trip

Com. Introduction Jim Crow laws are about power. D. jim crow laws essay Jim Crow Learning Guide. Many people were hurt and confused by the Jim Crow laws

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Lab Activity #2: Reading narratives for important details & taking notes (30-60 min)
5. Teacher demonstrates how students use Jim Crow Essay: Research & Outline.
6. Teacher demonstrates how to find and copy important details from the selected Jim Crow narrative. Do this for each point in the outline: identity, incident, and impact.
7. (Work in pairs or individually.) Students do this process for each of their selected essays. If not finished before class ends, continue as homework.

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Jim crow laws essay

Day 3: Writing compare/contrast essay
Lab Activity #3: Creating thesis statement and topic sentences (15 min)
9. With teacher, students re-read instructions in Overview for each of the five paragraphs.
10. Before drafting essay, help students create formal topic sentences for each of the body paragraphs. (Note: With three student helpers, demonstrate how to use Jim Crow Essay: Tips for Topic Sentences! One student reads from Research & Outline notes; one is at the board marking “similar” or “different “, and one is at the board to write the sample topic sentence. Do this process to create sample topic sentences for each point of comparison in the three Body paragraphs: Identify, Incident, Impact.)
11. Students write Topic Sentences for the Body paragraphs of their own essays.