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Here are some examples of a good topic sentence with respect to different types of heroes on which you may be assigned to write your heroes essays.

Trevor Moyers Honors English/ 3rd Period Heroism Essay In addition, the founders of our nation often go underappreciated as well. There are many memorials and services that are dedicated to them, but we as individuals rarely ever have any recognition to the impact that they had brought on our country. If World War II had not been fought with our country’s full cooperation, there would be a likely possibility that we might be speaking another language right now! Furthermore, we all owe respect to the veterans of this country, and anyone who has put their lives on the line for our safety. While war is not necessarily a good thing, it can be necessary at times, and without troops in service, out country would be in ruins. We often are not very thankful for what we have, for example, there are many starving third-world countries that have it much worse than us, and we should be thankful for what we have. Without all these people that have united us as a nation, we may not have the privileges that we are allotted to this day. As individuals and human beings, it is only natural for us to often not recognize who our heroes really are. Whether it is your family, friends, or people who have affected the entire world, we need to be thankful for our heroes, and take the time to understand that our lives would be even more difficult without them. Essays on heroism are written around a central figure and children may choose super hero figures or their dad or someone they admire greatly. A hero can be many different things in a heroism essay. Heroism is not necessarily about superhuman strength or super powers and writing an essay on heroism with this perspective helps kids to understand and model their lives based on real life heroes. A heroism essay should convey the message that heroes are simple people who faced with difficult choices made a difference with their decision.