Honoring a leader: The White House released a handwritten essay President Obama wrote commemorating Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Like Lincoln's speech, Obama's address has exactly 272 words

Will they think less of my handwritten essay if others word process theirs?

If we type the essay, TOEFL will mail the score about two weeks after the test. If we handwrite the essay, they will take longer. Sometimes, TOEFL takes up to five weeks to mail the scores since it is easier to lose a handwritten essay. Sometimes they "misplace" a handwritten essay and it takes them longer to find it. One of my students didn't even get her score--TOEFL lost her essay! This is one reason to type our essays instead of handwriting them.

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Handwritten essay

The addition of handwritten components to many state standardized assessments and of a handwritten essay to the College Board SAT in 2005 further emphasize the importance of handwriting. Furthermore, good handwriting is important long after graduation. In Script and Scribble (2009), Florey writes in reference to handwritten job applications, “Like it or not, even in our machine-driven world, people still judge you by your handwriting.”