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Clarity is always important: if your writing is not clear, your meaning will not reach readers the way you would like it to. According to IVCC's , "A," "B," and "C" essays are clear throughout, meaning that problems with clarity can have a substantial effect on the grade of an essay.

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An essay rubric provides an objective way to complete and grade an essay, indicate what the essay should entail, and it shows how performance will be evaluated. Here are three criteria that an essay rubric can employ using a scoring scale ranging from very good (4 points) to poor (1 point).

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6. Good appearance. I have said that grading an essayinvolves a subjective judgment. Even if the grader tries to be objectivewhen reading your essay, s/he will be influenced by the appearance of youressay. Always use a dark pencil or pen, and write legibly. Be neat. Try to avoid erasures or cross-outs, and especially changesthat you try to crowd in between lines. If you need to insert something,put an asterisk in your essay and put the inserted material at the bottomof your essay.

A rubric is an tool used to communicate expectations of quality. A rubric utilizes a set of rules or instructions to score a student’s performance based on a set of defined guidelines. The teacher can use the rubric as a scoring tool to grade an , and when a student has a rubric to follow, he knows exactly what the teacher is looking for in the essay. During the grading process the teacher can use the rubric as an assessment tool to grade an essay; it saves time, and the grading process is fair. Precise criteria are clearly defined, facilitating the grading process and increasing objectivity; therefore, when a rubric is used for grading, it reduces the likelihood that students will argue about the grade they receive. The guidelines are clear, and the student knows exactly how to accumulate points on the assignment. Rubrics also aid them in setting goals for their work.As computer scientists developed computers that could perform more and more complex tasks that seemed to mimic the capabilities of the human brain, the way that we define what makes us human changed also. The idea of a computer grading an essay must seem as far-fetched and untenable as an automated spacecraft once seemed. We surround ourselves with arguments meant to define what it is that humans can do that the computer cannot, just as people at NASA once did. As John Glenn, the first American to orbit earth, after his historic flight in February of 1962, “Man seems to be the best computer you have there in the capsule … We can plug man into the system and make him part of the system we rely on.” For Glenn, the human becomes the machine.