See an ideal GMAT AWA essay example.

The GMAT essay section is officially termed the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). The writing task that the AWA entails is termed . Here are the key features of this exam section:

 Facts about the GMAT essay section (AWA):

Most websites, books, and test prep courses offering GMAT essay tips do little more than state the obvious. Tips like "manage your time," "structure your essay," "use transitions," etc. apply to any timed writing assignment and ignore the specificity of the GMAT AWA, which requires that test-takers critique an argument. In order to receive a high score on the AWA, it is therefore vital that test-takers understand the elements of an argument and not just the elements of good writing. The three GMAT essay tips introduced below precede the elements of good writing: they are critical for determining which ideas in an argument require greater focus and for establishing a logical essay structure.

Preparing for the GMAT essay section (AWA):

A GMAT essay prompt consists of two components:

Given that E-Rater checks spelling, doesn't the test discriminate against poor typists, especially considering the time pressure involved during the test? For that matter, aren't slow typists, as well as people who are not proficient at using word processors, at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to the GMAT essays?

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