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A convenient way to think about stress is in terms of stressors and stress responses. Stressors are events that threaten or challenge people. They are the sources of stress, such as having to make decisions, getting married, and natural disasters. Stress responses are psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions to stressors. Anxiety, depression, concentration difficulties, and muscle tension are all examples of stress responses.

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Act and Gestalt psychology are highly empirical theories based on the German model of mental activity. ... Act PsychologyFounded by Franz Bretano (1838-1917) Act Psychology surfaced as an expression of psychology centering around the inseparable interaction of the individual and the environment. ... Act psychology is based on Brentano"s ideology of the science of psychic phenomena expressed as acts and processes. It contrasts with the definition of psychology viewed in terms of physical reductionism, consciousness or associationism. ... Like structuralism and functionalism, Gestalt psychology ...