Essays on Immigration and the Macroeconomy

After months of demonstrations and heated debates on congressional immigration reform, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 died because it failed to pass the conference committee. Its death marked the birth of a number of state and municipal laws and ordinances designed to do "something" about the "immigration problem." After Congress's failed attempt to pass a comprehensive immigration reform law, local bills were passed to "get tough" on immigration and to send a message to the federal government that something needed to be done and something would be done. Unfortunately, that "something" took the form of 570 proposed pieces of legislation concerning immigrants, at least 90 bills and resolutions passed, and 84 bills signed into law in 32 states in 2006 alone. In 2007, the number of state laws enacted tripled that of 2006, 240 laws compared to 84 laws. Additionally, in 2007, 1,562 immigration bills were introduced and 46 states enacted local immigration laws. These laws address legal and unauthorized immigration in the context of identification/licenses, employment, education, voting, housing, language and public benefits.

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To write a good essay, read articles and trustworthy literary sources on the topic. Read at least several free examples of essays on immigration to realize the way your paper should be written. You may focus on the juridical side of the question and prepare a college paper on immigration laws or essay on immigration reform which limit the abilities of immigrants. Summarize the essay with wise ideas concerning migration and state whether it should be free or not.

Argumentative Essay on Immigration


I have to do a persuasive essay on Illegal Immigration too. However, I will write about the benefits of having illegals in this country, and how we should eliminate scumbags like the one who wrote this essay We’re living in the 21st century. We need to stop labeling individuals as “Illegal Aliens” and set our differences aside.

Writing any essay requires the same amount of effort. So it is no different for an essay on immigration. Like any other thesis statement, a statement for your essay on immigration must be crisp, informative, and unambiguous. Your essaymust define the topic, explain the objective behind writing the thesis and give a small gist of what the paper is about.Immigration has always been an important topic for every country and is worth profound analysis. Students who have to write an essay on immigration are supposed to present the reasons of migration, its types and analyze its influence on the society, which is often difficult for students who do not realize the problem in its global meaning. In order to complete a good essay students look through a great number of free samples of essays on immigration and borrow the experience of the professional writers.