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De Blois, M. 1998, Self-Determination or Human Dignity: The Core Principle of Human Rights, A. Hendriks and J. Smith (eds), To Baehr in Our Minds: Essays on Human Rights from the Heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht: Netherlands Institute of Human Rights.

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The National Human Rights Essay Contest for Junior High School Students has been held since 1981 for the purpose of enabling junior high school students to improve their understanding of the importance and necessity of human rights and to acquire a richer awareness of human rights through writing essays on human rights issues. In FY2004, a total of 755,390 students (about 20% of all junior high school students across the country) from 5,762 schools (about 48% of junior high schools) entered the contest.

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He is co-editing a volume of essays, The Global South Atlantic, that explores some of the many social, cultural, political, and material interactions across the oceanic space between Africa and Latin America that have made it historically (im)possible to imagine the South Atlantic as a coherent region. He is currently working on two monographs, “Pathetic Fallacies: Essays on Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and the Humanities” and “New Word Orders: Intellectual Property and World Literature,” which considers the role of plagiarism, piracy, and intellectual property regimes in the globalization of the novel, as well the work the novel might do to interrupt globalization and to resist monopoly privatization of cultural and intellectual creations.