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The transcripts from Wikipedia asking Sarah and Essaytown to leave the site.

FACT: Stating verifiable fact is not liable, the only defense essaytown offers to these facts are mistruths, No offer of upgrade was made, No offer of settlement or even negotiation, No communication only rudeness and insults, No apology. Mine is not the only showing of a history of these type of actions. Then to accuse those who are in the right of lying, is not the way to Guarantee Satisfaction.

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Just compare the list of targeted companies of essaytown and esayfraud and make some conclusions.

FACT: Even the essaytown owner did not refute the fact they made threats, tried to intimidate customers, and called customers a*****e and other choice names.

Essaytown opted to not fullfill their contractual agreement with me and although they state on their website that it's illegal to reverse charges on a credit card for their services, it is also illegal to charge customers for something and not deliver.We have observed that Sherri from Piedmont California is most likely an Essaytown person with a fake account to attempt and shame the claimant. This Sherri has responded to nearly all claims against Essaytown. Sarah from Essaytown has a national reputation of activity that could only be described as conniving and deceitful, a simple Google search will provide evidence of this, further investigation will provide a host of other startling evidence. So multiple accounts are not beyond the scope of Essaytown?fs business tactics. Simply there is money to be made and a college student who has fallen behind is a good target.