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This essay template features a thin single column of text divided by clear section titles to increase readability and aesthetics. The template contains examples of an abstract, keywords and references which makes it suitable for college/university essays but these elements can be easily removed for a simpler high school essay. The title and subtitle of the essay are prominently displayed along with the author information prior to the essay content to immediately draw the attention of the person marking the essay.

Essay Template[ State the name/title of the essay for which this template is being formulated]

In a country like China, where the government is requiring passing English tests at a certain level to graduate from public universities, with the level required varying somewhat with the difficulty of whatever the non-English components involve (i.e. Masters’ degrees, etc.), vast quantities of students are using English essay templates to hand in essays that are “correct English” only because they are 98% plagiarism and 2% fill-in-the-blanks.

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Here are some of the cons that some people associate with essay templates:

The essay template is divided into a few parts such as the introductory paragraph, main body and the concluding paragraph. The following are a few examples of essay templates:

An essay is an article based on a specific topic. Essays can point out to different political, national, international issues or can also be related to basic, simple topics such as water harvesting or gravity. Any essay must be a well detailed document which inspects every aspect of the given topic. It must be framed in such a way that it can weigh the positive against and negatives. Sometimes, people may not be able to write or frame an essay on their own. In such cases, essay templates come to the rescue of many such individuals.The free essay template provides the required ways in which an essay can be created. This template can be used for various types of essays with the necessary modifications. The basic layout makes provision for an introduction, a main body and the conclusion. There can also be subheadings given to the essay according to the subject and type written. It is important to formulate this in a clear and precise manner with no room for any mistakes. The free essay template must be organized carefully and should have the provision for customization according to the need of the writer.An essay template is a basic model which helps a person to frame an elaborate and well written essay on any given topic. An essay template can be an asset if one is not sure about the techniques required to frame a well structured essay. These documents consist of all the parts which must be present in any essay. Users of essay templates can easily customise these documents as per the specifications of the topic. Infact essay templates can save time and are also quite inexpensive to avail.An essay outline template is not really that hard to create considering how papers are basically formulaic. Note that there are different types of essay which means that body or content of the paper may vary from one work to another. The introduction and conclusion basically require the same information though and will not be that hard to accomplish. For those who are currently doing a paper, following is a basic yet effective essay outline template.