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In February 1970, a twenty-eight-year-old Giorgio Agamben sendsa letter to Hannah Arendt. After introducing himself as a friend ofDominique Fourcade, with whom Agamben attended Martin Heidegger's1966 and 1968 seminars in Provence, Agamben proceeds to express hisgratitude to Arendt: her books, he writes, provided him with a"decisive experience." He then indicates his intention to join withothers in "the gap between past and future," and to work within thehorizon that Arendt herself had opened up. He signs the letter,"Cordially Yours, Giorgio Agamben." But these are not his finalwords to her. In a postscript Agamben adds: "You will excuse if Itake the liberty of enclosing an essay on violence which I shouldhave been unable to wright [sic] without the guide of your books."A 1985 interview, "Un'idea di Giorgio Agamben," in the Romannewspaper sheds some light on the essay thatAgamben sent to Arendt in 1970. Responding to a question about hisinvolvement with 1968 social movements—posed by Adriano Sofri, oneof the cofounders of the extra-parliamentary leftist movement"Lotta Continua"— Agamben answers that he never really felt at easewith 1968. He was reading Arendt at the time, an author whom hisfriends in the movement considered a reactionary, someoneabsolutely not to be discussed. In fact, the essay on the limits ofviolence in which Agamben was coming to terms with Arendt's thoughtwas rejected by a political review and was ultimately published ina literary journal. While an sometimesfunctions as a historical detonator [] accelerating revolutionary moments, that was notthe case with Arendt. Agamben concludes that such a missedappointment with history is one of the most humiliating experiencesthat time itself affords us.

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