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The books reviewed were usually of a philosophical, theological, or historical rather than literary nature. Some of the significant ones dealing with literary works were on National Hawthorne, Tennyson, Richter, Dana, Carlyle, Lowell, and Jones Very. Also of note are Emerson's review of Taylor's translation of "Michael Angelo considered as a Philosophic Poet" and Lane's review of "An Essay on Transcendentalism."

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Poetry is further defined in an essay on Transcendentalism by J. A. Saxton as thought, sentiment, insight, and not rhyme or rhythm or "the garment of words, in which it may be clothed." Poetry is prophecy; the poet is seer into the infinite significance underlying the veil of the visible who discerns his relation to all being and to eternity.

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The also contains essays on transcendental writers, specifically Orestes Brownson and Bronson Alcott. George Ripley says of Brownson that "his native force of mind, combined with rare philosophical attainments, has elevated him to a prominent rank among the living authors of this country." His works, rather than being the result of education, "are the fruit of a mind filled with earnest convictions that must needs be spoken out." His works live because they are fired by a search for divine truth. Ripley treats at length Brownson's search for religion revealed in "Charles Elwood; of the Infidel Converted."