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But what the courts may be doing in is not the point of this essay on professionalism. My suggestion is that it is dangerous to hypothesize that there exists a definable standard of professionalism — separate from the ORPCs, from statutes and from rules of court — which trial courts be enforcing through their inherent contempt powers. It is dangerous first because the idea of such enforcement may well violate well-established principles of due process, because lawyers should be on fair notice of conduct that warrants sanction. And it is dangerous if the supreme court, by assuming that trial courts are in fact controlling improper behavior when they truly are not, believes that it may allocate responsibility for policing lawyer behavior to the lower courts, at the same time that the lower courts are leaving that function to the Oregon Supreme Court, with the result that lawyer misconduct is left unchecked by any court.

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Those were some nice stories. But does listening to stories make someone more moral? Does writing an essay on professionalism make a would-be doctor more professional? Can you teach someone how to be ethical?

I think not. If you see what really goes on in the hospital, you’ll agree with me too.

First, most people have a pretty good idea of what’s right and wrong. Obviously, intentionally killing patients is bad. Most people also know that breaking laws can result in consequences. (This useless class should really be replaced with medical law class. At least the latter is useful. If you wanna get good at the game, you gotta first know the rules. Then you gotta know how much you can bend the rules.)

Second, a class does not make a person more professional and ethical. If that is the case, why do we need prisons? Just have criminals and their ilk go to classes. And if they graduate, they would turn into law-abiding citizens … right? I got another great idea that would just about eradicate obesity. Why not just educate all those fat people? If only people know enough, they won’t give into the good-tasting-but-extremely-fattening food. They would also exercise every single day!

This reminds me of something I have read on :