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The evolutionist’s god essay may be about proving that god does not exist and that everything came into being from tiny single cell organisms. The theologian’s god essay would be quite contrary to the evolutionist’s god essay. Both sets of people write many essays on god. Due to the controversy that exists between these two parties, the common folk are left in between to choose whatever pleases them in a god essay. An essay on god would normally point out all the proofs as to whether he exists or not and also the god essay would consist of information about how God functions. The god essay, depending on who is writing it, would propagate his or her ideas and beliefs.

Integrity: An Essay on God - CJ Fearnley

If we are to answer the question, "Does the Christian God exist?" we mustanalyze the properties attributed to God and see if they are at least philosophicallysound. In this first essay on God’s qualities I wish to consider God’somnipotence (God’s power) and some of the difficulties with the idea of God’somnipotence.

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