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My remaining points of disagreement with Batchelor, apart from those connected with his advocacy of a belief-free agnostic Buddhism, are two in number, and since they relate to topics on which he touches only lightly I shall deal with them briefly, even though each of them represents the tip of an ideological iceberg of enormous dimensions. Concluding his essay on Compassion, which he rightly describes as the heart and soul of awakening, Batchelor says: 'It becomes abundantly clear that we cannot attain awakening for ourselves: we can only participate in the awakening of life' (p.90). With the first half of the sentence I have no quarrel, but what is this ? The phrase suggest a attainment of Enlightenment, in which the individual participates by virtue of the fact that 'life', as represented by humanity as a whole, has reached a higher stage of evolution. Here Batchelor appears to have fallen victim, at least momentarily, to that particular strain of New Age thinking according to which the Age of Aquarius is upon us and we shall all ride to Enlightenment on the crest of an evolutionary wave. Such thinking is inconsistent with his own rejection, in the essay on Awakening, of the Indian idea of the 'degeneration of time', an idea of which the New Age notion of automatic spiritual progress for everyone is the 'positive' counterpart. The second of these two remaining points of disagreement is not dissimilar to the first. In the essay on Freedom Batchelor speaks of awakening as 'the awesome freedom into which we were born but for which we have substituted the pseudo-independence of a separate self' (p.99). Into which ? The phrase suggests either that freedom is our (cf. 'the man born to be King'), in which case it is redolent of New Age ideology, or that we as infants are born free and awake and only later, when we have learned to speak and say 'I', develop a separate self, in which case the phrase is suggestive of a Rousseauistic, or a Wordsworthian, idealisation of infancy as a state of innocence and purity and the child as not only 'best Philosopher' but 'best Buddhist'.

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essay on compassion

Essay on compassion On Compassion essaysIn Barbara L. Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Research Center 500 W. Phil. Compassion is a mainstay of our free faith. The word compassion means "sorrow or pity aroused by the suffering or misfortunes of another . The offical website for The Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your. from Oxford University. Free Essays on Compassion Towards The Needy. essay on compassion Nov 01, 2011 · A version of this article appears in print on November 1, 2011, on page D5 of the New York edition with the headline: Downside Of Doctors Who Feel Your …. compassion Essays: Over 180,000 compassion Essays, compassion Term Papers, compassion Research Paper, Book Reports