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This is a sample essay on Canada:
Canada is a land of peace, freedom, and natural wealth. Since its very beginning, Canada has always been rather vigorously in international trade. For much Canada’s early years, international trade strictly controlled by Canada’s mother country, Great Britain. The British system of mercantilism was relatively beneficial to Canada and other British colonies. Mercantilism allowed all British colonies including Canada to purchase goods from fellow colonies, thus keeping the wealth within the British Empire. However, the system of mercantilism would eventually come to an end. Britain realizing that she could save more money by trading with other countries, moved away from mercantilism. This was the beginning of Canada trading internationally without direct British control. Canada being a large country with a relatively small internal population quickly realized that being an export country would be the most sensible method for prosperity. The issue of how international trade would be conducted in Canada would wage on in the House of Commons for years. In the Federal election year of 1988, the Progressive Conservative government led by Brian Mulroney unveiled a solution to Canadian trade woes. This solution called for (at the time) the world’s largest trade alliance between Canada, United States, and Mexico. This alliance would ultimately become known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). To the Liberals led by John Turner, this agreement was a threat to Canadian sovereignty, and future prosperity of Canada. This essay will factually display the 1988 election, and will ultimately prove that Free Trade was an “overall” good movement for Canada.

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This is a sample essay on Canada: Canada is a land of peace, freedom, and natural wealth

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