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Writing an essay for admission into the program of your dreams can be a very daunting task. When you think that the chances of you getting accepted into the faculty you’ve chosen and taking the courses you want all depends on that essay, it can leave you sweating with anxiety. What is a student to do?

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SUNY Delhi does not require letters of recommendation or a personal essay for admission. We do recommend that students submit this additional information on their behalf. Please note, letters of recommendation and/or a personal essay can be requested by an admission counselor at a later time.

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Here are some instructions for the students who need help in writing a successful entrance essay for admission to an institute:

Don't use boilerplate essays. That is, resist the urge to reuse the exact same essay for different schools if each of them is giving you a slightly different writing prompt. You can, of course, adapt the same essay for similar prompts. Many schools do allow you to use the Common Application essay for admission to several participating schools. For more information on the Common Application and to check which schools participate as members, click .