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The final step in performing well on an essay examination is to proofread,correcting errors that may cost you points. In planning your time strategy forthe exam, try to factor in some minutes at the end for proofreading.

Multistate Essay Examination - NCBE

Performing well on an essay examination requires chiefly that you know how towrite an effective essay generally, and that you know the material you are beingtested on; but a few additional techniques of preparation and performance canhelp you feel better and do better on essay examinations.

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Here's a sample question:

On many essay examinations (probably all the ones that I give), the questionsare rich enough to support extended answers. It's easy to get involved in oneanswer and eat up more time than you can afford. As a part of your strategy,assign an approximate time for each answer. For a two-hour examination withthree questions to answer, you might begin with the idea of 40 minutes peranswer, then subtract time for previewing, planning, and previewing, which mightleave you with 30 minutes per answer. Then you might note that the first andsecond questions require less specific support than the third, so you assign 25minutes for each of those, and 40 minutes for the third. This is an approximateprocess, and takes more time to tell than to do, but it will make you much lesslikely to run out of time accidentally, and it will help you refine the level ofdevelopment you can afford for each answer.