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Explain the importance or significance: Another kind of essay exam question asks students to explain the importance or significance of something covered in the course. Such questions require you to use specific examples as the basis for a more general discussion of what has been studied. This will often involve interpreting a literary work by concentrating on a particular aspect of it.

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Essay exam questions for a survey course. Questions on Scholastics, mercantilists, physiocrats, Adam Smith, value theory, Marx, and Alfred Marshall, among others.

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As an ancillary strategy, I recommend understanding all the common instruction words often used by examiners in phrasing the essay exam questions.

Read the questions thoroughly. Take a few minutes before writing your essay to read the question carefully in order to determine exactly what you are being asked to do. Most essay exam questions, or “prompts,” are carefully worded and contain specific instructions about WHAT you are to write about as well as HOW you should organize your answer. The prompt may use one or more of the following terms. If you see one of these terms, try to organize your essay to respond to the question or questions indicated.

Writing exam essays is a stressful experience for any student. One of the main reasons for that is the set time limit for completing the essay and answering all questions asked. Yes, those essay exam questions is the main disturbing factor, because you never know what exactly you will be asked and whether you will know the right answer.

Well, hardly we can help to improve your knowledge if you have some gaps. It is better to start revising everything far beforehand if you feel there is something you do not understand. Yet, we can help you with essay exam questions. Particularly, we want to explain some good tactics you can use to answer all essay exam questions properly and show your deep understanding of a subject.

Let us remind you that you can also practice answering essay exam questions. You can even find sample essay exam questions for such tests as GRE or GMAT online, check previous topics for essays, and practice answering those questions within the necessary time limit. Anyway, here are some simple rules of how to manage essay exam questions.

Rule 1

Always keep your major task in mind when dealing with essay exam questions. You have to demonstrate solid knowledge and deep understanding of the subject. Thus, before answering an essay exam question, try to recall anything that may relate to the topic.

Rule 2

Plan your answer, although you do not have much time for this. Believe us, this will help you finish answering your essay exam question on time.

Rule 3

Read your essay exam question carefully several times and make sure you understand the “prompts”. Prompts explain what exactly you are supposed to do, e.g.:
Students who are unfamiliar with the format may want to practice before they have to perform in a test environment. Numerous sample essay exam questions on a variety of topics are available on the Internet; a student can select one to respond to, set a time limit, and write out an essay. This can also be a useful study aid, as it will help the student think about the topic in new ways.