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The essays in this issue of The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, though varied in their topics, all address issues central to or stemming from what it is to be human. The first essay critiques an approach to determining when in early human development an entity becomes human and, thus, acquires significant moral status. Next is an essay that looks to an unexpected (or as the author would say an overlooked) source—Plato’s Laws—for insights for a truly collaborative model for the doctor–patient relationship that will enable movement beyond the dichotomy of paternalism and autonomy that dominates most accounts. The next two essays examine the use of Rawls’s veil of ignorance in medical decision-making and consider the impact on human liberty and value. The first of these essays argues against a claim made in a previous issue that the importance of freedom of conscience in Rawls’s liberal social theory results in allowing parents to withhold, based on their conception of the good, potentially life-saving medical care from their children. The second essay critiques the adequacy of the veil of ignorance in making resource allocation decisions, calling into question not only its ability to yield useful moral guidance, but also its ability to treat persons according to the individual value they are due. Having begun at the beginning of human life, the issue ends with an essay that explores the ethical issues surrounding calls to become more than human and the corresponding call for moral enhancements that can enable us to keep pace ethically with ever-increasing cognitive and scientific advances.

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This Essay critiques the creation by the 114th Congress of a federal private right of action under the Defend Trade Secrets Act for the state unfair competition cause of trade secret misappropriation hitherto applied mostly to breaches of express or implied confidential relationships between businesses or with employees. The proposed insertion of the Uniform Trade […]

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