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4. OPPOSING VIEWPOINT/S: One or more of the minimum five (5) sources cited in your paper, must represent significant opposing viewpoint/s (i.e. different from your own opinion/s) on your chosen issue. Significant opposing viewpoints on the topic issue you argue should be anticipated, introduced and effectively addressed in your argument essay to strengthen your thesis position. Essay arguments written to convince and/or persuade must try to neutralize and/or refute the weightiest opposing viewpoints (e.g. via concession, rebuttal or refutation). Essay arguments written to mediate must necessarily introduce/analyze major opposing viewpoints, to identify and try to reconcile key points of disagreement and agreement,in order to achieve the aim of negotiating workable compromises and solutions among these viewpoints on the problem/issue under dispute.

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Not a very good argument...but it is two people arguing. And therein lies the first point of difference to make when developing an argument for your IB extended essay - make sure it sounds like an argument rather than just arguing. There's a certain formality that's expected. You probably already know that as an IB student, but you'd be amazed at just how many informal IB extended essay arguments are made and submitted.

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Once you have gathered sufficient information, start analyzing the essay arguments from the reference texts. Try to interpret the claims, logics as well as the evidences. It will help you form a clear understanding of the topic.