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The Essays and Articles section is not intended to present an absolute position on agnosticism. Rather it is intended to challenge, to amuse, and to encourage thought.

For more details, check out the full Clean Energy Canada photo essay and article.

A cross-section of reflections on the essay by its major practitioners over four centuries, this collection includes seminal accounts of the essay that are less accessible in English scholarship, notably Max Bense’s “On the Essay and Its Prose.” A formidable bibliography of more than 170 works on the essay follows, as does a topical index reorganizing these entries. Indeed, part of the current bibliography’s aim is to provisionally adopt the distinction that Klaus makes in the introduction between essay and article—we have chosen to headline on the essay, rather than essays on the essay.

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Instead of power, it shows lack of strength of the argument in most instances of its use, even though the user feels that it presents a strength. The emphasis may be useful as an emotional hook in a political speech, but may drive off readers of essays and articles. In a formal academic essay, it would at least be marked down for poor grammar.