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It was then that a personal exhibition of Ivan Pokhitonov’s work, initiated by Markevitch, was held at the Tretyakov Gallery1. Later in life, Markevitch described in his memoirs, among other things, how the idea for the exhibition originated: “The same beneficial environment - bringing us closer to the West - I also found in my early life in my maternal grandfather, the artist Ivan Pavlovich Pokhitonov. We will see that his life ended in seclusion due to some curious circumstances, and our family knew next to nothing about him until I discovered his work and started looking for information about his modest but charming talent. In 1963, I organised a retrospective exhibition of Ivan Pokhitonov’s oeuvre at the Tretyakov Gallery, and wrote a preface essay about my grandfather2. The exhibition brought together 240 paintings, including two portraits by Repin. The paintings came from Soviet museums and private collections, including my own, which had about 50 works by Pokhitonov. There is quite a comprehensive bibliography on his work in the Soviet Union.3

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My essay about my grandfather includes a poem about him written well before his death