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There are different types of cosmetic surgery like; nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, facelift, breast shift, breast enlargement, breast reduction among others. There have always been different views of people concerning these methods and different authors have thus expressed their arguments through various essays known as argumentative essay about cosmetic surgery. One of the writers of argumentative essay about cosmetic surgery tried to support the idea arguing that through cosmetic surgery, one can change his disability to ability and use it for the benefit of himself and to the benefit of people around him. He continued to argue that some cosmetic surgery like facelift can help individuals look young and attractive even if they are very old, this increases their confidence among people they consider younger to them and they can challenge them in activities like beauty contest.

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There was also an argumentative essay about cosmetic surgery that, It helps to create employment. People who are unemployed can venture into this business and may it more lucrative. However, despite all the merits of cosmetic surgery there are still some argumentative essay about cosmetic surgery that strongly oppose the idea on its moral implications to the society and that it is unbiblical to change or alter what the creator saw was good and perfect.

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They wanted to interview me for an essay about cosmetic surgery, pegged to the recent face transplant in France