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Michael Jackson is a first-rate anthropologist who has undeniably paid his dues with thoughtful ethnographic studies of New Zealand and West Africa. At Home in the World is a thoughtful study too, a kind of ethno-poetic essay about belonging and being uprooted in the contemporary world. Jackson's idea is to see if new insights emerge from contrasting his personal experience of a permanent move away from home with that of the Warlpiri of Central Australia, who have been seriously dispossessed of their land and culture, but who, as nomads, might have had a different sense of home in the first place. The book reads rather like a diary of Jackson's fieldwork among the Warlpiri. While it would be unfair to brand it as an egregious example of the genre discussed in the preceding paragraph, it does omit any kind of thorough ethnographic analysis, and this reader put it down with the sense of having been told a good deal more about Jackson than about the Warlpiri.

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Essay about belonging and identity

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