I'll try to get some time to join in editing the essay

A well-written essay makes the difference between a bad or good grade and since your goal is to make the best grades and become a responsible student, you would do well to edit the essay before turning it in. The best way to edit an essay is to do so according to your professor’s guidelines. Finally, accept any constructive criticism you may receive from others about the essay.

You should edit the essay for content and substance before word count

Manabe is currently writing a monograph on the development of nationalistic symbols in Japanese children’s songs from the Meiji Era to the Allied Occupation, and another on identity, aesthetics, and transnationalism in Japanese hip-hop, reggae/dancehall, and electronic dance music. She is co-editing the essay collection Sonic Contestations of Nuclear Power (with Jessica Schwartz) and The Oxford Handbook of Protest Music (with Eric Drott). Manabe serves on the editorial board for , ascontributing editor for Chair of the Investment Committee for the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), and the Program Committee for the Society for Music Theory (SMT, 2016).

Understanding what makes for good editing of the essay

I did a blunder by editing the essay at last minute and got a low score.