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This Documented Research Essay Assignment is intended to refine and assess your writing, research and documentation skills. You must submit your essay digitally through Turn It In and hand in the report with the essay. It must not be plagiarized: You will be given a grade of zero if you submit unacknowledged material as your own. There will be no opportunity to rewrite.
These are the steps you should follow to complete your assignment:
1. Choose TWO essays in Refining reading writing that you want to work with. The two essays should relate to one another in terms of their style, purpose, subject, theme or ideas. They must be professional essays, not student essays. These two essays are primary sources. You may not choose the same essay as your oral presentation.
2. Next, research, either on the Internet or in the Library, to find some introductory background on the author, subject, theme or ideas of your 2 essays. This research is secondary source material. Do NOT copy from what you find; instead use a quote, summary or paraphrase for any information or ideas you want to put into your own essay. To make sure you have not plagiarized, cite each of your secondary sources accurately and list them in your References list along with your 2 primary sources at the end of your essay.
3. Write an essay in which you analyze your two chosen essays and the other material you have found. You could focus on the structure, purpose, style, subject, ideas, theme, and so on, but you must discuss both essays and include some researched introductory background on either the subject matter, the theme or the authors. Your documented essay may be written in the rhetorical mode that is appropriate, and should be approximately 750 words long.
4. Document your research and citations according to APA.

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Students may choose any of the following topics for the Documented Research Essay or propose another topic (see instructions at end).

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