What are the different types of argumentative essays

topics need not be necessarily be controversial. There are different types of argumentative essay from which one can choose topics. One should know what an argumentative essay is before starting to choose topics. A topic that opens to two different ideas for the readers, in this type of essay the writer not only provides information but also opens an argument. These can be on any topic. One can get hold of is they are still confused with. To decide and write an essay on this type, one should have a clear knowledge on what topic. The statements should not be given blindly and the writer should not give a generalized opinion. When a statement is made it should be in first person. For example, the statement should start as: I think, in my opinion, my conclusion is, etc. the statements or the results should never be generalized.

Different types of argumentative essays

There are different types of argumentative essays

Review the components of different types of argumentative essays;