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In United States of America, the Mexicans take 24% of the total migrant population. In fact, they take the first spot of migrants that have settled in America – contributing 13% to the total population of US. Their presence in US is one of the reasons why the Mexican influence can be seen in many states. The Mexican culture has been widely accepted in this city. At times, it is even taken in as America’s own. says that all essay writers who need to come up with a Mexican culture essay must use this familiarity with the culture to their advantage as it can certainly invoke interest among your readers.

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Culture shock happens when an individual faces, experiences or observes cultural practices that are unusual or unfamiliar to him. Oftentimes, this is regarded as a state of disorientation for the individual. What can seem normal to one can seem odd to another. has enlisted some examples of practices that can cause a common American to go into shock. Use these examples as your essay topic for your culture shock essay. Here are a couple of samples: Greek perceives smiling while getting introduced is a sign of weakness, and in China, it is common for people to spit on the streets.

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Since culture is so closely related to our identities (who we think we are), and the ways we make meaning (what is important to us and how), it is always a factor in conflict. Cultural awareness leads us to apply the Platinum Rule in place of the Golden Rule. Rather than the maxim "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," the Platinum Rule advises: "Do unto others as they would have you do unto them."