"Comparison Essay- “Romeo & Juliet” “West Side Story”"

Great comparison essay samples are available in so many places. They are often used in marketing programs and research. For the comparison essay samples that are more geared toward the type of comparison essays that are written for school, you can usually find some great comparison essay samples on school websites. There are some really good comparison essay samples on the website including one about two specific works of art. Brooklyn College has some helpful comparison essay samples available on their learning center’s where there are multiple sample paragraphs exhibiting different techniques that can be used when writing a comparison essay.

Just follow these easy steps to practice your comparison essay skills:

When you write your conclusion for your comparison essay, spend time on it. If you neglect the conclusion, your essay will feel choppy and incomplete. In order to prove the comparison to your readers, you need to show that you can draw conclusions that people might not realize and the end of the essay is the perfect to finalize the ideas. By leaving the conclusion empty or too short, your readers will not believe that you were fully capable of completing your ideas.

"Comparison Essay for Lord of Flies"

o A comparison essay organizational plan is established and minimally maintained.

As the name implies, a requires you to compare two or more things. It is more on discussing the similarities between two places, concepts, people, things, facts, or events. Most of the time, the purpose for the writer is to find the most significant similarity or difference, and win the readers over the benefits of one concept, person, or thing. While in some cases, it is just simply written to give insight or amusement to the readers. You can also tackle both the similarities and differences, depending on how you are going to show the comparison. So below, there are a few steps on how to write a comparison essay.