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The communication process can include written, verbal and non verbal messages. Once you understand this process, select a communication topic that will be both interesting and informative. Communication occurs between multiple types of audiences including communication with a team, between genders, interpersonal between two people, formally in business or impersonal through media like TV or advertising. Communication between teachers and students, parents and children, husband and wife can also all be potential topics for your communication essay. It may help you to plan your communication essay if you brainstorm for ideas first using a timer or a mind mapping technique. Choose a topic that you are enthusiastic about if possible and make sure that your thesis statement addresses any instructions you were given. Outline your essay and then write your essay following your outline. When you proofread confirm that ideas are clear and organized to make sure your entire message is received.

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If you want to write a communication essay, the first thing you need is to know what exactly communication is. It is a two way process that involves at least two agents: a receiver and a sender, both actively involved. They must share a repertoire of signs and semiotic rules: for example, speak the same language.
Communication is the way information (a message) is enclosed in a package, channeled and sent by someone on one side of the circuit, and then it is received and decoded by someone on the other side, which will give the sender some feedback in return. The message can be verbal or non-verbal (since gestures are also a very important part of communication). The channel through which the message is sent and received can be oral, written, visual, etc. That is why means such as listening, speaking, reading and writing can all be used for an active communication process.

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Communication as they say is an art of articulating your thoughts and ideas and thereby convincing people. Have you ever wondered how a salesman or a shop keeper works in his business? When you enter the shop the salesman somehow convinces you to buy a certain dress or a shoe just by being polite and jolly. All one needs is a couple of sweet words and some pampering and this is the key to an effective communication essay. In your paper you should display how certain communicational behavior could become a powerful tool of influence.