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But chiropractic, of course, is not perfect. It has superbpotentialities, but only too often they are not converted intoconcrete cadavers. The hygienists rescue many of its foreordainedcustomers, and, turning them over to agents of the Medical Trust,maintained at the public expense, get them cured. Moreover, chiropracticitself is not certainly fatal: even an Iowan with diabetes maysurvive its embraces. Yet worse, I have a suspicion that it sometimesactually cures. For all I know (or any orthodox pathologist seemsto know) it may be true that certain malaises are caused by thepressure of vagrant vertebra upon the spinal nerves. And it maybe true that a hearty ex-boilermaker, by a vigorous yanking andkneading, may be able to relieve that pressure. What is neededis a scientific inquiry into the matter, under rigid test conditions,by a committee of men learned in the architecture and plumbingof the body, and of a high and incorruptible sagacity. Let a thousandpatients be selected, let a gang of selected chiropractors examinetheir backbones and determine what is the matter with them, andthen let these diagnoses be checked up by the exact methods ofscientific medicine. Then let the same chiropractors essay tocure the patients whose maladies have been determined. My guessis that the chiropractors' errors in diagnosis will run to atleast 95% and that their failures in treatment will push 99%.But I am willing to be convinced.

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