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In recent times Shtern has appeared in English translation in the (ed. Irving Howe, Ruth Wisse and Khone Shmeruk, N.Y., 1987) - three poems (pp. 335-343) translated by Robert Friend. Also (English only, Etta Blum's translations) two poems pp 225-6 in (ed. Irving Howe and Eliezer Greenberg, Schocken NY, 1976). An example of his characteristic essay style can be found in English translation on pp 790 - by Joseph Leftwich (Jason Aronson London 1969, 1987)

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Alexander James Whiteford McNeily published a number of articles in the Newfoundland Quarterly (St John’s) between 1901 and 1910; a characteristic essay, “Some old-time anglers,” appears in 8 (1908–9), no.3: 17–19 and no.4: 5–8. He is also the author of “The land of Newfoundland,” in Canadian Law Rev. (Toronto), 4 (1905): 539–48.

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in inspiring his analyses, as for instance in the most characteristic essay

Directed by Nicolas Philibert

One of France’s pre-eminent documentarians, Nicolas Philibert is best known to American filmgoers for TO BE AND TO HAVE (2002), his portrait of a year in the life of a small rural school. WHO KNOWS?, rarely seen in this country, is set in a military hut where, one winter’s night, a group of fifteen students at the Strasbourg National Theatre assemble to fine-tune a show on that city that they developed at the bidding of the director. Over the course of many hours, they talk, argue, sing, teeter on the brink of exhaustion. Philibert establishes a ludic interzone between structure and improvisation, depicts the young people’s commitment to sustaining a delicate creative ecology, and fashions a characteristic essay in ruminative joy.

Nicolas Philibert will be present for a post-screening discussion.